Writer Interview: Cassandra Marshall

Guys, Cassandra Marshall's new book THE STARS FELL SIDEWAYS is out and I have a GREAT interview with her!  Make sure to check out Cassandra and STARS, because you're going to want to be on this bandwagon, kiddos!

AG:Where did you get the idea for your story?
CM: You know what's really sad? I honestly don't remember where the idea for STARS came from. I know parts of it, but not the first spark. :( It wasn't a dream and it certainly wasn't based on a real event. :P

AG: What was your query/submission process like?
CM: I wrote it after NaNo '10. I was exhausted by that book so I wanted something new and fun and different from anything else I was working on. I wrote it quickly, spurred on by writing buddies that were loving the pages. I finished it, let it sit for a while, edited, edited edited, let it sit, edited again, and started querying widely in March 2011. So many agents were loving it, just not enough to rep it. I let it sit a few months without thinking about it and when I re-read it I cried, I loved it so much and didn't want it to just sit in a drawer anymore. Earlier this year I won a trip to NYC to Backspace and met a few agents there and did another query push. Those agents also loved it, but not enough to rep it. Some even said they liked me and my writing, but they didn't know who they'd sell it to. So I figured I'd sell it right to the readers myself, as readers aren't worried about imprints and sales thresholds and all that stuff. I've done more editing since deciding to release it, several copy edits, polishes, and more polishes. Hopefully it's about as perfect as I can get it. And I hope the readers like it. The best thing about doing it myself is that I'll be able to easily tweak if people come back with glaring errors :)
AG:Tell us about MolliePup Press!
CM: It's named after my dog, Mollie. She has her own hashtag on Twitter, #MolliePup. I almost went with Wiggly Butt Press, but my friends know MolliePup so I went with that.
AG: What were the last five books you read?
PALACE OF STONE - Shannon Hale
THE AGE OF MIRACLES - Karen Thompson Walker
UNBREAK MY HEART - Melissa Walker
AG: What are your other interests?
CM: Harry Potter, My Little Pony: FiM, my dog, crafting, and Jane Austen :)
AG: Do you believe Geek is the new Jock?
CM: I don't think I understand the question? Everyone is who they are, labels or not. The only thing that matters is whatever brings you joy.

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