Writer Interview: Jamie Grey

Today’s interview is with none other than one of the YA Misfits, Jamie Grey. I’ve known Jamie on Twitter for a while, and I have to say, she’s one of the sweetest Tweeps out there. Plus the title of her MS, Ultraviolet Catastrophe, is probably the coolest title in the world. Let’s get to know her.

AG: Tell us about your current project.

JG: My current project is a YA Sci-Fi called Ultraviolet Catastrophe. Here’s the blurb:

Lexie’s first assignment as a student at prestigious Quantum Technologies leads her to uncover a mistake in the master equation for an Einstein-Rosen bridge. Instead of a wormhole, this equation produces catastrophically uncontrollable ultraviolet rays. Except, it isn’t a mistake at all. It’s a carefully crafted plan that could devastate QT—and the rest of the universe. When the lead scientist turns up dead in the cryo chamber, Lexie knows she’s running out of time. Someone wants scientists eliminated and the correct formulas destroyed. And if she doesn’t find a way to stop them, she’ll be next.

It’s been such a fun book to write - kind of a cross between Eureka and Veronica Mars.

AG: Is it your first book?

JG: Nope, I’ve been writing since I was a kid. But, it’s only the 2nd book I’ve queried (if you don’t count the book I sent out 5 queries on and then realized it was completely awful!)

AG:  How did you tackle the revision process before you queried? Did you use CP’s?

JG: I’d be lost without my CPs! I don’t know what I’d do without them!
My revision process is to finish my first draft, do a read through and makes notes on what needs to change and how to fill in plot holes. I make those changes and do a line edit before sending to my CPs so they have a fairly clean MS to read through.

I usually do revisions using groups of CPs. So, I just sent out UVC to my first three CPs. I’ll fix the book based on their changes and then send it out to the next group. It works really well to get different people reading different version and catching different things.

AG: What was the querying process like for you? Any tips?

JG: I queried my last book for about 6 months. It got a lot of interest, but in the end it just wasn’t something agents thought they could sell. I think the biggest thing when you get to a certain point in your skill level is to remember is that it’s not always about your writing, it’s more about marketability. You could have the best book in the world, but if an agent doesn’t think she can sell it, they’re not going to take it on. It often has nothing to do with your skill.

AG: Do you blog? Where can we find you on Twitter and the internet?

JG: I blog at

I’m also a YA Misfit and blog over there as well -

I’m on Twitter as

AG:  What online resources have you used to help your writing and querying and revision process?

JG: I love Query Tracker - it’s become a bit of an addiction while I’ve been in the Query Trenches. I also love the writing community and love to read everyone’s blogs on process and writing. I’ve entered quite a few contests (Miss Snark’s First Victim, The Writer’s Voice, etc) and have found some amazing CPs and developed some amazing relationships through those. I highly recommend getting out there in the community if you have the time.

Such good advice, Jamie.  Now, everyone, go check out Jamie AND her fellow misfits!  Thanks for talking with me, Jamie!


  1. I hope I'm in the next group of CPs that gets this! Jamie is amazing. I'd be lost without her. That is all.

  2. Congratulations Jamie! Your book sounds awesome! :)

  3. Great interview! I keep hearing great things about this book from your cp's on Twitter, Jamie, so if your doing Pitch Wars, umm, I'm totally in love with sci-fi:):)Just sayin'!